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San Diego
Cosmetology Apprenticeship Program

Our Mission is to inform, support, and educate all individuals  interested in apprenticeship and to promote standards of excellence within our industry.

The San Diego Cosmetology Apprenticeship Program (SDSSP) is a state approved sponsor for cosmetology apprenticeship. It is this Committee who oversees the Program  and sponsors the apprentice. Our Program has been serving the professional salon industry since 1999.

Our founder, Toni Gama, is a licensed cosmetologist and Instructor with a California vocational teaching credential. She has been involved in the field of Cosmetology for over thirty years and during that time, has gained valuable, practical, technical and teaching experience. With her business background, Toni managed a salon after working behind the chair. In teaching, she has taught both high school and adult level educational programs as well as advanced work traveling as a National Educator. Toni has taught in Cosmetology schools in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Toni has maintained a philosophy of self-discipline, dedication and honesty to achieve her professional attitude. Her past experiences have been smoothly blended to form a well-rounded accomplished and ever growing apprenticeship program to which she is fully dedicated.


What is an Apprenticeship?

Cosmetology Apprenticeship is a method of training based upon arrangement between an employer (the salon) and an employee (the apprentice) enabling the apprentice to learn while earning income

Apprenticeship is the alternative to beauty school...

The San Diego Cosmetology Apprenticeship Program (SDSSP) provides a forum for training as a hairstylist directly from the professioanls in  a salon environment and educators in the classroom. It is a unique learning experience like no other.

Our Program is California state approved.


Apprenticeship philosophy

From day one, the apprentices witness the dynamics of daily salon business and the working stylist. Apprentices are directly connected to the industry. This hands-on approach can give newcomers the formula for success.